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Chef Marks Hand Crafted Soups

Soup Available Inside


Organic French Lentil & Lemon
Roasted Butter Nut Squash with penut & Piri-Piri apple
Seared Carrot with ginger & Chili
Gold Beat with Wheat Berries
Roasted Cauliflower with Ancho Chili
Smoked Tomato & Basil
Ruby beet with Orange & Coriander
Mexican 3 Bean & Vegtable
Lime Infused Red Pepper and Fennel
Saffron Infused Celeriac & Apricot
Also ask us about our seasonal soups

*All of our soups are avalible for purchuse in side the resturaunt for $13.00 per jar. Also there will be a small number of our soups avalable at community foods


All of our soup are gluton, dairy and preservitave free

There will a small number of our soups avalible at Community foods

Large half Soup & Flatbread



Route 40 Soup Co. was named as such to signify the similarity of our journeys in travel with the palates of taste. There are so may Routes food and Flavors can take us on. Our goal is to bring a blend of great local products, which is known as Regional Cuisine, from producers that share an affinity of passion for taste, a love of quality and a genuine concern for what we make. We also choose to use local products because those purchasing dollars go directly back into our community. We hope the journey you take with us is remembered either as that special place, or just that special moment in time that you keep wanting to come back to. We hope to always put a smile on your face when you eat our creations. The best journeys include all the senses.

A world of thanks,
Mark & Lanny KLaudt


“One of the secrets to Klaudt’s recipes is the fact that he pillages local gardens for his ingredients. The vast majority of the vegetables used at Route 40 Soup Co. are grown in and around Black Diamond and Turner Valley – tomatoes from Whiskey Creek Farm, honey from Chinook Honey and currants from Kayben Farm.”
          ~ John Barlow (Okotoks Western Wheel)



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